The George Washington University Leadership Conference

A handful of lucky midshipmen from our unit were selected to go to Washington D.C. from October 13-15th to attend the George Washington University’s Fall Leadership Conference.

These MIDN include: MIDN 2/C Bonner, MIDN 2/C Nagy, MIDN 2/C McDonough, MIDN 3/C Klo, MIDN 3/C Yancoski, and MIDN 3/C Freschi.   The MIDN were gratefully accompanied by ENS Kwasnik.

All these MIDN would be more than happy to share their own personal experience of the conference if you were to run into them on 3rd Deck.

The theme for the speakers at this year’s conference was “Lessons Learned.” Our MIDN fell nothing short of enlightened as our experienced sailors and marines before us shared their tales and sea stories that they feel were ‘defining moments’ to their Naval and Marine Corps careers.

Speakers at the conference included:  an Ambassador to four seperate presidents, Dennis Ross, with the topic ‘Lessons from the Middle East’, the CO of USMC OCS’s remarks by Col. A.T. Williamson, Dr. Peter L. Hays with ‘US Space Corps’, Col. Don Christenssen (ret.) with ‘Protect our Defenders’, and many more notable figures with inspiring topics to be heard.  The conference included a chance for the MIDN to interact with a Junior Officer Panel, and many of the high ranking speakers stuck around to talk to the MIDN that would one day fill their shoes.


A notable organization also made an appearence at the conference known as ‘No One Left Behind’.  With an inspiring story of the foundation of this non-profit, many of the MIDN’s eyes were opened to the risks and dangers in the life of an Afghan or Iraqi translator. To learn more about the organization and it’s mission, the link to their website can be found here:


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