Rear Admiral Brown Addresses the Battalion at Leadership Lab


By: MIDN 2/C Samantha McGowan

STATE COLLEGE, PA—April 2nd during leadership lab the midshipmen of the Pennsylvania State University were privileged to have Rear Admiral Brown, head of Naval Service Training Command, speak to them about his naval career and the ROTC scholarship selection process.  Rear Admiral Brown is a 1985 graduate of the Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  Midshipmen asked the Admiral about the changing criteria for the scholarship selection processes, graduate school opportunities, and the future of the Navy Nursing program.  After leadership lab Rear Admiral Brown and the first class midshipmen had dinner at the Penn Stater where professional development was discussed.

Hero Fundraiser

By: MIDN 2/C Sam McGowan

STATE COLLEGE, PA—In March seven Marines and four crewmembers were killed after an Army helicopter crashed during a training exercise off the Florida Panhandle. Midshipmen of Penn State NROTC participated in fundraising work out-of-the-day, or WOD, on 4 April hosted by Crossfit Nittany in State College, PA. Known as a “Hero WOD”, the event consisted of running, olympic lifting, burpees, and rope climbing within a 31 minute period. The event helped raise funds to support the families of the fallen Marine special operators.

Hero Fundraiser (1)

Notre Dame Leadership Conference

20 March 2015

MIDN 2C Tyler Weiss

STATE COLLEGE, PA—The 20th Annual Notre Dame Naval Leadership Conference is an opportunity I am grateful I took. Being able to hear a weekend of renowned speakers, both officer and enlisted, benefited me in multiple aspects as a future leader in our Navy.

The Penn State Midshipmen arrived Thursday night in South Bend, Indiana. After checking in, we were able to interact with the other 170 Midshipmen from various schools: Penn State, Villanova, Iowa, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, RPI, Rochester, and Purdue just to name a few. We were separated into groups where we continued meeting new people through a series of icebreakers like the egg drop, whisper down the lane, and blind drawing.

Over the next few days we were graciously able to hear many decorated leaders including the director of the NSA, Admiral Michael Rogers and Vice CNO Admiral Michelle Howard. In between speakers, we again broke into groups where we reflected on the speaker’s message, and what some of the takeaways we thought were most important. When it came to breakfast, lunch and dinner, certain midshipmen were chosen to dine with the speakers where they could further interact and pick their brain for more knowledge. I was fortunate enough to have dinner with Rear Admiral Scott Stearney, CO of Navy Warfare Development Command. The conference wrapped up with the keynote speaker at our dinner, Admiral Michelle Howard. I was not aware of who exactly I was listening to until I learned she was the woman who coordinated the rescue of Captain Phillips. Listening to her tell that story and all of the components that went into the solution was by far my favorite part of the conference.

This conference was the experience of a lifetime. Not many people will have the honor to listen to such renowned speakers like we did. The knowledge and leadership tips imparted on me throughout the conference are things I will keep with me as I continue to grow as a leader.

Operation Blue & Gold Support THON


27 February 2015

MIDN 3C Sean Gipson

STATE COLLEGE, PA—On Friday February 20th the THON Hope Express concluded the final leg of its 135 miles trek from Hershey Medical Center to the Bryce Jordan Centre for the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, commonly referred to as THON.  This year marks the 9th year where runners have carried letters from the families in Hersey to the kids at THON. Coming around the corner from Burrows on to Curtain, the runners faced the wind one last time before delivering the letters and kicking off the dance marathon, but they were not alone.

Midshipmen and Cadets of Penn State’s Naval and Reserve Officer Training Corps stood in formation, waiting and ready to escort the runners through the final leg of their journey.  As the Hope Express runners passed by, the ROTC formation fell in behind to protect and motivate the modern day version of the pony express.  At each intersection midshipmen of Marine Corps NROTC Charlie Company fell out as road guards to make way for the VIPs.  As the group and formation neared the BJC drivers and onlookers honked and cheered.  At the intersection of Curtain Road and University a group of bystanders formed a gauntlet and finish line tunnel, welcoming the Hope Express.

Their work done, the ROTC formation called a company halt and fall out.  Many students quickly went to change to rejoin the THON festivities while others went about their business, their contribution complete.